Developing Your Network Of Contacts, A Winning Procedure

Obviously when you create your business, when you seek to recruit, when you seek funding, you have to develop your contacts and find the best to use them wisely but also to be able to acquire credibility and notoriety. by opening doors for them. When thinking about starting a business, consider building your network of contacts. Relationships will make it easier for you to be successful.

They will help you by suggesting ideas, and will recommend you to their other acquaintances, who could very well become your customers or business partners.

Define your network

Before you start looking for contacts, take the time to create a list of people who have a common past with you, both professionally and emotionally. Now that you are running a business, try to build relationships with everyone, don’t let your feelings dominate you. If you’ve had a dispute with a former colleague, it’s up to you to take the first step. Rather, think about your business and always keep in touch with the people who are likely to bring good things to your company (potential customers, partners, suppliers, sponsors…).

Make a list of your contacts: friends, family, former colleagues, classmates from elementary to university, neighbors and everyone in the associations you frequent.

Expand your circle of contacts

Keeping in touch with those close to you will bring benefits to the business, however, this is not enough. You have to open up to as many people as possible in your industry as well as in any environment. There are centers which help young businesses to develop. By joining these centers, you could easily create a client list for yourself.

Many business leaders also go to various parties, bars or restaurants, to make contacts. Some say this technique does not work. However, the goal is not to sell, but to have contacts and to grow the list of names in your address books.

Your target is not necessarily a large customer or a large supplier, everyone can be useful to you. If you go to trade shows, you might bring up trivial topics of discussion with everyone you meet – this is how you make connections.

The goal is not to sell

According to the Six Degree Theory, a person can be connected to virtually every individual in the world by a thread of 6 other people. Which means that by expanding your list of connections, you could reach double the number of your targets. When you start out, you may not make any sales and find no suppliers. But the goal is to widen your network of contacts as much as possible and to try to establish lasting links with them. The rest will be done automatically.

With your knowledge, you don’t have to sell or talk about business, when the links are established, just let them know about your activity. And when the time comes when those people need your products or services, they’ll get in touch with you. These people will also be able to recommend you to their other connections.

A presence on social networks

Being connected to social networks is mandatory for entrepreneurs. The social networks are useful for making new suppliers, partners, and especially to be closer to customers and potential customers. Apart from selling the products, also see your peers, enter the entrepreneur groups. And finally, be present on the forums, answer questions that concern your sector. You will come out winners!

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